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Yamada, a lighting specialist with over 60 years experiences,is
"lighting planner","designer","manufacturer","wholesaler", "importer"and"exporter".
3-8-11,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0021 Japan
TEL 81-3-3253-7492 FAX 81-3-3253-5197
E-mal info@yamada-shomei.co.jp
Company Philosophy "Creating More Comfortable Living Environment"
Tokyo International Forum
What Yamada can do to make more high-definition and sensitive space:
In response to the needs of questing more high grade environmental composition, through lighting, we try to create affluent relationship between human and space.
We keep studying the possibility of lighting solution ; we always try to seek better lighting solution and application to match with the recent architectural and environmental design trend which is becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced.
What we have done to make high-definition and sensitive space:
We have been studying the role of AKARI (lighting in Japanese) as not only a light-up function but also as a part of architectural and environmental design and as a factor which links ourselves and our living environment.
Yokohama Bay Sheraton HOTEL & TOWERS
"AKARI" makes people vivid, "AKARI" makes living space more comfortable
"Best Design", "Best Quality" and "Best Value" - this is Yamada's business mind as a lighting specialist for over a half century. Under the philosophy of "Creating More Comfortable Living Environment", we wish to be more aggressive in studying "AKARI".
Showroom is available in Tokyo.
Tokyo Showroom
Our long experience and technology are inherited to those fixtures for the residential use where we experience various needs and could also see the diversity in the interior design.
Tokyo Showroom
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